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DBMM rulebookHussite Warwagons - 25mm Old Glory models based for DBMM The most popular rules used at the NSWC are DBMM and Field of Glory. We also have occasionally played some games of Shattered Lances, DBA, and maybe the odd game of Warhammer Ancient Battles. Principles of War Ancients has also been played a couple of times. Ancients is played in both 25mm & 15mm scales at our club, and 1/300 ancient armies have made rare appearances in the past.

25mm Carthaginians 25mm DBMM battle between Spartans and Medieval Portuguese

Left: 25mm Carthaginians.

Above right: Hussite Warwagons - 25mm Old Glory models based for DBMM

Lower right: 25mm DBMM battle between Spartans and Medieval Portuguese. This was a game in the 2007 club ancients competition.

A Shattered Lances game played at the club.Shattered Lances: Wargaming in the Age of the Crusades 600-1400 AD
SL was published in July 2005, and is available from Outpost.
Shattered Lances front cover

The club has a 25mm plastic Early Imperial Roman army, known of course as The Club Romans. It was put together in the early 1980s from the range of hard plastic Rospacks figures, and has been rebased several times.

The Club Romans

DBM 25mm. French Ordinance Army

A couple of pictures from the BattleCry 2005 DBM 25mm Doubles Tournament. Above: French Ordinance army. Below: Han Chinese and Alexandrian Macedonians.

DBM 25mm Han Chinese vs Alexandrian Macedonians

Assyrians vs Mithridates
A game from NATCON 2004 15mm DBM Competition. Philip's Mithridatics vs Stuart's Assyrians. The Assyrians overwhelmed the Mithridatic right flank, but were defeated in the centre by the phalanx and Armenian cataphract charge.

Indians vs Egyptians
A game from the NATCON 2004 15mm DBM Competition. Paul's Egyptians beating Michael's Indians.

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