Warhammer Competition 2005

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Warhammer Competition 2005

Finals: Rob beat Aaron.

Rob (Orcs) beat Grant (Blood Dragons)
Aaron (Wood Elves) beat Dan (Beastmen)

The first round has been completed. The next round is:
1) Rob vs Matt. Win to Rob.
2) Aaron (snr) vs Dan
3) Jono vs Grant
4) Aaron (jnr) vs Russell
Winner of 1) plays winner of 2) winner of 3) plays winner of 4).
Same rules apply.
Please play within the next two meeting if possible. Then we will be ready to roll with the semi's and final in Feb.

Competition rules:
2000 Points.
Same list for entire competition.
All games pitched battle.
Opponent can see list at end of game.
Terrain is done in the 2x2 foot squares methods using the tables from the rules (see Rob for more info.)
No proxy figures.
Unpainted figures will be allowed this year, but be warned for next year!!
The first round sees one bye which will advance to quarters.
The winner will all advance to the quarters plus the best three losers.
We will use the 2000 point table from the rules, but please keep the scores worked out before consulting the table as these will be used to decide in draws and decide the best three losers.

Mr Blue drew the round out of a hat randomly. The first round:
a) Russell vs Rob (Snr). Win to Rob.
b) Aaron (Snr) vs Brett. Win to Aaron.
c) Jono - the lucky Bye
d) Grant vs Aaron (Jnr)
e) Dan vs Matt

The Quarter Finals will be:
a) Winner a) versus winner c)
b) Winner b) versus best loser
c) Winner d) versus 2nd best loser
d) Winner e) versus 3rd best loser

Semi Finals will be:
Winner a) versus winner b)
Winner c) versus winner d)

Not hard to figure!!

Any questions see Rob.

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