Ancients Competition 2007

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Ancients Competition 2007




Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4
Philip 73 23 v Nick B 15 v Andrew 20 v Kendall 15 v John
Rob 67 12 v Kendall 13 v John 23 v Al 19 v Paul
Lee 64 12 v John 20 v Nick A 9 v Paul 23 v Kendall
John 60 13 v Lee 12 v Rob 25 v Andrew 10 v Philip
Paul 52 7 v Andrew 23 v Nick B 16 v Lee 6 v Rob
Kendall 43 13 v Rob 23 v Al 5 v Philip 2 v Lee
Andrew 38 18 v Paul 10 v Philip 0 v John 10 v Al
Al 34 15 v Nick A 2 v Kendall 2 v Rob 15 v Andrew
Nick A 15 10 v Al 5 v Lee -- --
Nick B 4 2 v Philip 2 v Paul -- --

Results of Round One (August)
Rob (Medieval Portuguese) 12-13 Kendall (Hussites)
Andrew (Three Kingdoms Chinese) 18-7 Paul (Lysimachid)
Al (Spartan) 15-10 Nick A (Hungarian)
Lee (WOTR Henry Tudor) 12-13 John (WOTR Richard III)
Philip (New Kingdom Egyptians) 23-2 Nick B (Ottoman Turks)

Results of Round Two (September)
Philip (Kushite Egyptians) 15-10 Andrew (Early Crusaders)
Al (Spartans) 2-23 Kendall (Hussites)
John (Post-Mongol Japanese) 12-13 Rob (Medieval Portuguese)
Lee (Alexandrian Imperial) 20-5 Nick A (Hungarians)
Paul (Burgundian Ordonnance) 23-2 v Nick B (Ottoman Turks)

Results of Round Three (October)
Philip (Kushite Egyptians) 20-5 Kendall (Hussites)
Lee (Alexandrian Macedonian) 9-16 v Paul (Lysimachid)
Andrew (Early Crusaders) 0-25 John (Post-Mongol Japanese)
Rob (Medieval Portuguese) 23-2 Al (Spartans)
Nick A and Nick B have withdrawn from the competition

Results of Round Four (November)
Philip (New Kingdom Egyptians) 15-10 John (Teutonics)
Rob (Medieval Portuguese) 19-6 Paul (Burgundian Ordonnance)
Kendall (Hundred Years War English) 2-23 Lee (Wars of the Roses English Henry Tudor)
Andrew (Crusaders) 10-15 Al (Spartans)

1. The competition will run on a Swiss chess system, with a random draw for the first round.
2. Each round will run for a month, from August to November. If you enter the competition you will have to commit to playing four games, one each month. Games can be played at any venue, not necessarily the NSWC club hall, but must be completed by the end of the last NSWC meeting of the month.
3. The draw for each succeeding round will be done at the conclusion of the last game of the round, and no later than the end of the last club meeting each month. When each monthly draw is done, you will be responsible for organising the game with your opponent.
4. The standard game will be DBMM 25mm, 400 AP, 6x8 tables, 4-hour game. You may vary any of this by mutual agreement of both players when you organise your game. Table size might have to adjusted to whatever is available at the club!
5. Armies. You do not have to use the same army for each game. Figures should be painted and be reasonable representations of the troops being fielded.
6. Army lists. If any army list books are published this year, they will be used. Otherwise the latest draft lists downloadable from the DBMM yahoo group will take priority over the troop changes on p.49 of the rules, and those modifications will take priority over the DBM lists.

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