Ancients Competition 2008

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Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4
Brett 79 18 v Lawrence 18 v Al 20 v Ivan 23 v Philip
Philip 55 23 v Kendall 5 v Ivan 25 v Benny 2 v Brett
Ivan 50 25 v Andrew 20 v Philip 5 v Brett -- v Lawrence
Benny 50 11 v Al 14 v Lawrence 0 v Philip 25 v Kendall
Al 46 14 v Benny 7 v Brett 0 v Kendall 25 v Andrew
Lawrence 43 7 v Brett 11 v Benny 25 v Andrew -- v Ivan
Kendall 39 2 v Philip 12 v Andrew 25 v Al 0 v Benny
Andrew 13 0 v Ivan 13 v Kendall 0 v Lawrence 0 v Al

Results of Round One:
Brett (Muslim Indians) 18-7 Lawrence (Late Assyrians)
Al (Spartans) 14-11 Benny (Later Carthaginians)
Philip (Mithridatic) 23-2 Kendall (Normans)
Ivan (Medieval Portuguese) 25-0 Andrew (Later Crusaders)

Results of Round Two
Ivan (Medieval Portuguese) 20-5 Philip (Kushite Egyptians)
Brett (Early Samurai) 18-7 Al (Later Spartan)
Benny (Pyrrhic) 14-11 Lawrence (Later Assyrians)
Kendall (Hussites) 12-13 Andrew (Early Crusaders)

Results of Round Three
Ivan (Medieval Portuguese) 5-20 Brett (Medieval Germans)
Philip (Kushite Egyptians) 25-0 Benny (Marian Romans)
Al (Spartans) 0-25 v Kendall (Hussites)
Lawrence (Late Assyrians) 25-0 Andrew (Hittites)

Draw and results for Round Four
Brett (Medieval Germans) 23-2 Philip (Kushite Egyptians)
Ivan v Lawrence
Kendall (Hussites) 0-25 Benny (Late Romans)
Al (Spartans) 25-0 Andrew (Early Crusaders)

1. The competition will run on a Swiss chess system, with a random draw for the first round.
2. The first six entrants are guaranteed a place in the competition. Further entrants will be accepted if it will result in an even number of players in the competition.
3. Each round will run for a month, from May to August. If you enter the competition you will have to commit to playing four games, one each month. Games can be played at any venue, not necessarily the NSWC club hall, but must be completed by the end of the last NSWC meeting of the month.
4. The draw for each succeeding round will be done at the conclusion of the last game of the round, and no later than the end of the last club meeting each month. When each monthly draw is done, you will be responsible for organising the game with your opponent.
5. The standard game will be DBMM 25mm, 400 AP, 6x8 tables, 4-hour game. You may vary any of this by mutual agreement of both players when you organise your game. Table size might have to adjusted to whatever is available at the club!
6. Armies. You do not have to use the same army for each game. Figures should be painted and be reasonable representations of the troops being fielded.
7. Army lists. You may use any army from Book 3 DBMM and Books 1, 2, and 4 DBM, as modified by the troop changes on p.49 of the rules. The latest draft lists for Book 2 downloadable from the DBMM Yahoo group will take priority over the modified Book 2 lists.

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