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Club meeting 28 June

FOG-N - Brent (Prussians) played Kit (British).
Andrew played Brett in the Eylau scenario, as did Kendall and Philip.
FOW - Rob played a couple of games using a German army, first against Mike's Germans and then agains Steve's Rangers.

Club meeting 14 June

Today was the big Waterloo 200th anniversary refight.

NICon 30-31 May

Saga game at NICon 2015 A feast of crows - Saga game at NICon 2015.

Thames hosted its first ever North Island convention. There were lots of small competitions including 25mm DBMM, 15mm FOG Napoleonics, Flames of War, Malifaux, Saga, and others.

Alan and Rob played in the Saga competition, with Rob winning first place with the Skraelings.

In the Field of Glory Napoleonics competition, Brett took first place, Kit was second and Kendall third. Lawrence's army won the Best Painted Army award.

Next year NICon will be held in Hamilton.

Napoleonic game at NICon 2015 The victorious Tyroleans at NICon 2015.

Club meeting 24 May

FOG-N. Three Napoleonics games - Andrew (Russians) played Philip (German Confederation)
Brent (Prussians) played Brett (Austrians)
Kit (British) played Steve (French)
DBR. Grant and John had a 25mm early period game with lots of pikes and gendarmes.
Kings of War. Alan's Forces of Nature fought Rob's Abyssal army.
Saga. Alan, James and Rob finished the day with a three-sided Saga battle.

Club meeting 10 May

There was lots of FOG-Napoleonics happening at the club today - practice games for NICon and the Melbourne tournament, plus some playtesting of the Version 2 rules.
Rob (Poles) beat Philip (Netherlands) in the Hanau scenario.
Andrew (Russians) played Kendall (Prussians)
Al (Anglo-Portuguese) played Mike (French)
Brent (Prussians) played Lawrence (Anglo-Portuguese)
Brett (Austrians) played Steve (French)

Club meeting 26 April

Kings of War:
Today we had five KOW games between Alan (Goblins), Kit (Orcs), Philip (Kingdoms of Men) and Rob (Forces of Nature)
FOG Napoleonics:
Kendall (Prussians) played Mike (French)
Andrew (British) played Shaun (French)

Club meeting 12 April

Kings of War:
Philip (Kingdoms of Men) beat Alan (Goblins) - Loot scenario
Rob (Kingdoms of Men) beat Philip (Kingdoms of Men) - Kill and Pillage scenario
Rob (Kingdoms of Men beat Alan (Goblins) - Pillage scenario
FOG Napoleonics:
Brett (Tyrolean revolt) beat Kendall (Prussian guards)
Matt playing in his first game using Anglo-Portuguese beat Kendall (Prussians)
Flames of War
Kit (Americans) played Mike (Germans)

Kings of War Goblins v Kingdoms of Men
A Goblin horde fighting Kingdoms of Men elite pikemen.

Kiwi DBA forum

A new forum for Kiwi DBA players has recently been launched.

NatCon 2015, 3-5 April

NatCon was held at the James Cook High School. Rob played in the Early War FOW competition with the LRDG, and Alan played in FoG-Ancients. As usual we had several players in FOG-Napoleonics (Al, Andrew, Brett, Kendall, Kit, Mike, Philip, Shaun and Stu). Andrew won first place using a Russian army. There are some pictures of Stu's battles on the Napoleonic page.

NatCon 2016 will be held in Upper Hutt.

Club meeting 29 March

Rob and Alan had a game of Kings of War and then a Saga game between the Saracens and Skraelings. At the end of the battle there was just one Skraeling standing!
There were several practice games for NatCon. Grant (Aztecs) played Mike (Spanish) in DBR. In FOGN, Philip (Anglo-Netherlands 1815) played Mike (French 1814) and Shaun (French 1812) played Al (Anglo-Portuguese 1812).

Club meeting 22 March

Kings of War. Philip (Kingdoms of Men) played Rob (Dwarfs) using the Beta version of the new rules.
DBA. Grant and John had an Aztec v Conquistador game. A win to the Aztecs.
FOGN. Al (British and Spanish) played Mike (French)
Brett (French) played Andrew (Russian)
Kendall (Prussian) played Stu (Saxon)
Flames of War. Steve (Finns) played Rob (LRDG)
Steve (Germans) played Kit (Soviets)

Flames of War Germans v Soviets
Germans v Soviets

Club meeting 8 March

Games at the club today:
Kings of War. Alan's goblin army took on Rob's forces of Nature.
Saga. Greg and John had a couple of Saga games.
FoG-N. Lawrence (Anglo-Portuguese 1812) played Philip (Anglo-Netherlands 1815) in a drawn game, with the points advantage to Lawrence.
Flames of War. Steve used his new American army in a game against Kit. The German Panzers defeated the US Rifle company in a Normandy battle.

Battlecry 21-22 February

This year Battlecry was held at a new venue, the Remuera Bridge Club hall. We had players in the Flames of War, FOG Napoleonics and Moderns competitions.
Lee took second place in the FOW competition, using a Puma company. In the Napoloeonics Kit took first place using 1815 British.

Club meeting 8 February

Games at the club today:
Three games of FoG-N, getting ready for Battlecry coming up soon, and also some Flames of War.

Annual General Meeting 25 January

CanCon 24-26 January

Al Donald won second place in the FOG Napoleonics competition using a Peninsula British army.

Club meeting 11 January

FOGN. Andrew D (British 1814) played Kendall (Wallmoden's Corps 1813)
Brett (Austrian) played Brent (1813 Prussian) in the Quatre Bras scenario
FOW games had Gervais beating Steve then Kit defeating Steve
Rob, Alan, Greg and others played SAGA.

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