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Club meeting 29 December

Today was the final meeting of the year, a fifth Sunday, and it was a well-attended meeting.

FOGN Alan (French) played Mike B (Anglo-Netherlands)
Andrew (Russians) played Corbon (USA 1812)
Al (Peninsular British) played Mike H (French 1814)
Philip (French 1795) played Stu (Saxons 1809)
DBA Grant and Kendall had a couple of DBA games using Romans and Medieval English.

Club meeting 22 December

Our annual fantasy competition, Kings of Shore, was on today. Eight of us took part using 1250 point armies and the new 3rd edition of the rules. Rob won first place using the Northern Alliance, Kit was the best sport, and Philip's Nightstalkers won the painting prize.

As well as KOS, it was also a regular club meeting with a couple of FOGN games: Andrew (French) played Mike B (Anglo-Netherlands 1815), and Al (Peninsular British) played Grant (Peninsular French).

Kings of War game at the North Shore Wargames Club
Orcs and Goblins battle it out at Kings of Shore

Club meeting 8 December

It's good to see that we are still getting such a good turnout at the end of the year. These are the games we played at today's meeting:
FOGN - Al (Peninsular British) played Stu (Saxons)
Brett (Neapolitans) played Mike (French 1814)
Andrew (Peninsular British) played Philip (French 1795)
Flames of War - John (Soviets) played Kit (Germans)
Kings of War - Our annual KOW tournament is coming up next meeting and we had several 1250 point games using the v3 rules. Kendall (Orcs) played Rob (Northern Alliance); Alan (Goblins) played Rob (Northern Alliance; Alan (Goblins) played Kendall (Orcs); Philip (Nightstalkers) played Rob (Northern Alliance)

15mm FOGN British versus Saxons
Spanish guerillas distract the front of the Saxon line while, at the top of the picture, the British light division moves around the Saxon flank

Club meeting 24 November

DBMM - Benny and Rob had a 25mm ancients game, using Portuguese and Bretons.
FOGN - Mike B (Anglo-Netherlands 1815) played Philip (French 1793)
Al played Andrew
Corbon played Grant
As well as the regular 800 games, we tried out the 500 point variant in several games: Brett played Kendall, Kit played Mike H, and Kendall played Kit.
Kings of War - The version 3 rulebook has arrived which we'll be using for Kings of Shore on the 22nd of December. Alan and Philip had a game today using Goblins and Nightstalkers.

Club meeting 10 November

Flamescon 9-10 November
A good showing from our club at the Flames of War tournament, both in terms of attendance and competition results. And getting stuff painted. Lee was 1st, Rob 2nd, and Ben 3rd. Jolly good show!

Flamescon 2019

Club meeting 27 October

A very quiet day at the club today, with several of us away at HMC. Today's games were Kit and Ben playing in Flames of War getting some practice for Flames Con, and a FOGN game between Brett (Austrians) and Andrew (French 1812) with a win to Andrew in a very close game.

Heavy Metal Con 26-27 October

HMC is a 25mm DBMM tournament hosted by the Pukekohe club. This year we had a good number of us playing - Rob, Al, Philip and Grant - but no silverware to take away this time. Here's Grant's Libyan army with lots of Libyans, Sea Peoples, and extra supplementary Libyans.

25mm DBMM Early Libyans

Club meeting 13 October

Games at today's club meeting:
DBMM 25mm A practice game for Heavy Metal Con, coming up on Labour weekend, Benny (Thracians) played Philip (Early Imperial Romans)
FOG-N Andrew (French) played Kit (Anglo-Spanish)
Brett (French at Toulon) played Grant (French 1814)
Corbon (US 1812) played Mike H (French 1814)
Mike B (French 1815) played Stu (Saxons 1819)
Flames of War Ian and Rob had a version 4 game, both using British armoured forces.
Flames of War British armour

Club meeting 29 September

ACW naval game at the North Shore Wargames club
It's the fifth Sunday of the month, so we had another meeting. And daylight saving time didn't seem to affect attendance much either! Games at the club today:
FOGN Brett (Neapolitan 1815) played Mike B (French 1815)
Andrew (French cavalry corps) played Mike H (French 1814)
Corbon (USA 1812) played Kit (British and Spanish)
Bruce and Rob had a couple of games of ACW naval trying both Victory at Sea and an older set of rules from Battle magazine from the 80s.
Kings of War Alan (Undead) played Philip (Nightstalkers)
Philip (Nightstalkers) played Rob (Nature)

Club meeting 22 September
With many of the club playing DBR, there was only one other game at the club today - Corbon and Andrew played FOGN.

Push of Pike 21-22 September

Congratulations to Grant for winning this year's Renaissance tournament. John was second and Kit, in his first POP, was third.

Club meeting 8 September

DBR 15mm Some last-minute training for POP, Rob's Turks took on Philip's Spanish
FOG Napoleonics - Corbon (US 1812) played Grant (French 1815)
Andrew (Russian Guards) played Brett (Neapolitans 1815)
Al (British) played Mike (French 1815)
Flames of War - Ben (Germans) played Kit (US)
Vanguard - Greg played Simon

Club meeting 25 August

Quite a range of games happening at the club today -
ADLG Greg and Mike H had a 15mm ancients game using Art De La Guerre rules; the first time ADLG has been played at the club.
DBMM Rob (Medieval Portuguese) played Philip (Kushite Egyptians) in a 25mm DBMM 240 game.
FOG-N Al (British) played Andrew (French)
Mike B (French 1815) played Philip (Anglo-Netherlands 1815)
Chain of Command Kendall and Kit had a 15mm WWII game, with lots of nice new terrain on display.
Flames of War Lee had a couple of games against Phil and Ray.

15mm ADLG ancients game at the North Shore Wargames club

Club meeting 11 August

FoGN - Andrew (French 1815) played Corbon (British Army in Canada 1812-15)
Al (Peninsular British) played Mike H (French 1814)
Mike B (French 1815) played Philip (Anglo-Netherlands 1815)
Grant (French 1815) played Kit (Peninsular British 1812-14)
Kings of War - Brett (Trident Realm of frogs) played Kendall (Undead)
Brett (Trident Realm) played Alan (Undead)
Alan (Undead) played Rob (Forces of Nature)
Greg and Simon played a KOW Vanguard game.

Club meeting 28 July

FoGN - Andrew (French 1815) played Philip (British in India 1799)
Mike (French 1814) played Philip (British in India 1799)
Andrew (Austrians 1815) played Brett (Neapolitans 1815)
Al (British 1809) played Rob (Turks)
There were a few Kings of War Vanguard games between Alan and Kendall, and Greg and Simon.

Club meeting 14 July

FoGN - Andrew (Russians) played Mike (1814 French)
Kendall (Prussian Guard) played Philip (Maratha)
Alan (French) played Corbon (Anglo-Portuguese)
Brett (Neapolitan 1815) played Kit (Peninsular British)
Greg and Simon played some Vanguard games

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