Push of Pike 2010

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Push of Pike 2010
Renaissance Wargaming Tournament

DBR 15mm Aztecs and ParliamentariansThe seventh annual Push of Pike DBR tournament was held on the weekend of 25/26 September 2010 at the usual NSWC venue, Forrest Hill Scout Hall in Becroft Park on Becroft Drive, Forrest Hill, North Shore, Auckland.

Pictured here are a very large number of Aztecs taking on a small number of English!

Results of Push of Pike 2010

  1. Grant Brown (Aztecs) 104 points
  2. Richard Foster (German Catholics) 89
  3. Scott Gallagher (Burmese)/Brett Preston-Thomas (Muslim Indians) 72
  4. Andrew Bennetts (30YW French) 71
  5. Kendall Blue (Later Imperialists) 67
  6. Brian Sowman (Parliamentarians) 65
  7. Mike Holt (Russian Traditional) 57
  8. Philip Abela (Algerians) 57
  9. Ian Candy (Low Countries Spanish) 49
  10. Mark Caunter (Parliamentarians) 9

DBR 15mm Algerians and RussiansBest Painted Army
1st Philip Abela - Maghrebi Algerians
2nd Andrew Bennetts Thirty Years War French
3rd Brett Preston-Thomas Muslim Indians

Right: Algerians and Russians

Detailed Results

Round One
Andrew Bennetts (30YW French) 26 6 Philip Abela (Maghrebi)
Richard Foster (German Catholics) 25 7 Kendall Blue (Later Imperialists)
Brian Sowman (Parliamentarians) 32 0 Mark Caunter (Parliamentarians)
Grant Brown (Aztecs) 29 3 Scott Gallagher (Burmese)
Mike Holt (Russian Traditional) 16 16 Ian Candy (Low Countries Spanish)

Round Two
Grant Brown (Aztecs) 17 15 Brian Sowman (Parliamentarians)
Andrew Bennetts (30YW French) 27 5 Richard Foster (German Catholics)
Kendall Blue (Later Imperialists) 27 5 Ian Candy (Low Countries Spanish)
Mike Holt (Russian Traditional) 16 16 Philip Abela (Maghrebi)
Scott Gallagher (Burmese) 30 2 Mark Caunter (Parliamentarians)

Round Three
Brian Sowman (Parliamentarians) 17 15 Andrew Bennetts (30YW French)
Grant Brown (Aztecs) 29 3 Kendall Blue (Later Imperialists)
Mike Holt (Russian Traditional) 23 9 Brett Preston-Thomas (Muslim Indians)
Richard Foster (German Catholics) 28 4 Philip Abela (Maghrebi)
Ian Candy (Low Countries Spanish) 26 6 Mark Caunter (Parliamentarians)

Round Four
Grant Brown (Aztecs) 29 3 Andrew Bennetts (30YW French)
Richard Foster (German Catholics) 31 1 Brian Sowman (Parliamentarians)
Kendall Blue (Later Imperialists) 30 2 Mike Holt (Russian Traditional)
Brett Preston-Thomas (Muslim Indians) 30 -2 Ian Candy (Low Countries Spanish)
Philip Abela (Maghrebi) 31 1 Mark Caunter (Parliamentarians)

DBR 15mm RussiansRussian Traditional army. 15mm Essex Miniatures painted by Mike Holt.

This year we had an open tournament rather than a theme, to give us some practice before the Worlds next year. We used using 15mm armies on 6 x 4 tables. Players were allowed to use any of the army lists, and select two lists from the same year, region, etc. For this tournament we used the IWF points values, with 400 point armies.

This year's PoP also used the same special tournament rules as the 2011 IWF competition:

  1. The DBR IWF points values.
  2. The IWF amendments and clarifications, including terrain placement. They can be found at:
  3. The army list to be used is selected and noted down before the invader is determined.
  4. Defenders required to place a compulsory road count this first road as one feature equivalent.
  5. Victory & defeat will be as follows. Delete the phrase "at the end of any bound of either side" from the first sentence of the first paragraph of "Victory & Defeat" on page 24. This means an army ceases fighting at the point in which it is broken and the game is ended without a "revenge bound".

Scoring The designated scoring system will be 32-0 scoring system. The same version of 32-0 as is being used at previously at WIC will be used.

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