Push of Pike 2015

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Push of Pike 2015
Renaissance Wargaming Tournament

Date: 10 and 11 October 2015

Place: Forrest Hill Scout Hall, Becroft Ave, on ye Merry North Shore of Auckland

Theme: Armies and Enemies of Holy Roman Emperor Charles V 1516 (his accession as King of Spain and Naples) to 1556 (abdication). Armies of will therefore include Spanish Imperial, Neapolitan Spanish and Conquistador from 1516 and Maximillian Imperial in 1519, the latter as the Imperial army presumably did not change overnight with his election. Enemies being any force that fought the armies of Spain from 1516 to 1556, or the armies of the HRE from June 1519 to 1556. Yes that does include Aztecs and Incas!

AP: 400AP, Kiwi AP

Compulsory rule modifications

Deployment and first move. Both sides deploy as specified in the rulebook. Defender takes the first bound.

Distributed ME (but not deployment) for baggage. One to two non-allied baggage contributes its ME to a command, and to the army breakpoint. Allied baggage operates exactly as in the rulebook. Mobile non-allied baggage may be moved with the CinCís PiPs.

Overhead shooting. To be a valid target for overhead shooting, an enemy element must not be less than a base width beyond any part of an intervening friendly element.

Flank support requires the elements to be grouped. This is the way it is usually played anyway.

Optional rule modifications

Push of Pike 2015
Tudor English crossing a river attempting to outflank the 9 artillery pieces of the Valois French.

Push of Pike 2015
Spanish vs Germans.

Knights of St John at Push of Pike 2015
Knights of St John, winners of the Best Army prize.

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