Push of Pike 2013

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Push of Pike 2013
Renaissance Wargaming Tournament

September 7-8, 2013.

Before the awards presentation we observed a one minute silence in memory of Donald Featherstone.

This year the theme was European armies 1540 to 1600, at 450AP. Scoring was as per The Book.

Results after four rounds
John Way, Dutch Rebellion 1595AD, 30 Points The Winner
Grant Brown, Polish 1599AD, 24 Points Second, plus Best Presented Army
Rowan Coker, Ottoman 1590AD, 23 Points
Philip Abela, Low Countries Spanish 1588AD, 22 Points
Brain Sowman, French Hugenot 1589AD, 21 Points
Richard Foster, French Hugenot 1574AD, 20 Points
Mike Hodgson, Ottoman 1590AD, 11 Points
Mark Caunter, Austrian Imperial, 1590AD, 9 Points

Other achievements of note:
Sniper award for most Generals killed goes to Philip "The Butcher" Abela with 5 notches on his rosary.
Employer of the Month award for most generals lost goes to Richard Foster with 3 situations vacant.
The Sticky Fingers award for most baggages looted is shared by Rowan and Grant with 3 each.
The Uninsurable award for most bags lost goes to Mark with an outstanding score of 5.

A good natured tournament with rare and reasonable appeals to the referee. Thanks to all attending, especially those who had travelled great distances from far-flung Provinces.

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