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Club meeting 29 December 2013

We saw a new game at the club today - Kings of War. It's a free set of fantasy rules from Mantic Games.

FoG-N. Kendall's 1815 Prussians got a 25-0 win against Brett's Tyrolean rebels.

Moderns. Al and Philip had a 15mm Moderns game using the revised WRG rules. 3000 points of 1960s British and Russians, recently painted by Andrew.

FoW. A couple more games, Lyndon (US) v Rob (German), and Steve (Soviet) v Kit (German).

And finally, another Bolt Action WWII game with some very nice terrain.

Club meeting 22 December 2013

FoG-N. Brett (Tyrolean Revolt) drew with Michael (Ottoman Turks)

FOG-N. Alan (Westphalian) beat Philip (German Confederation 1814)

FoG-N. Kit and AL had a game, again both using their British armies (Peninsular and 1815 versions).

Club meeting 8 December 2013

Saga - Alan's Norse Gaels defeated Rob's Skraelings.

DBR - In a training game for CanCon, Philip's Spanish defeated Stu's French 8-2.

FoW - A couple of games, Lyndon (US) v Rob (British paras), and Steve (Soviets) v Kit (Germans).

Club meeting 24 November 2013

WHFB - An Empire civil war in the game between Rob and Dan.

FOG-N. Three Napoleonics games today:
Kendall (Anglo-Russians) had a drawn game with Mike (Ottoman Turks), both sides waiting for a Turkish outflank that never arrived!.
Shaun (1814 French) beat Philip (1815 Netherlands) in a game based on the Flames of War dust-up scenario. The French took the objective and defeated the Dutch before the Dutch reserve cavalry could intervene.
Brett (1813 French Cavalry Corps) got a 22-3 win over Stu (1809 Saxons).

Kit and Steve had a Flames of War game using Germans and Russians.

Club meeting 10 November 2013

DBMM 25mm - Benny and Rob had a couple of 240 point games using Anglo-Normans and Medieval Portuguese.

Bolt Action also made another appearance at the club, with a couple of nicely modelled British and American forces.

The main event of the day was the Leipzig refight. Fought over three tables, and using almost all of Brett and Kendall's collections with some other models drafted in, it was an impressive sight. The Allies (Brett, Andrew D, Mike, and Kendall) defeated the French (Stu, Allan, Philip, and Kit). Andrew H did all the organising and also pushed around some figures to keep the games going.

27 October 2013 - No club meeting today with many of the club away at Flames Con and Heavy Metal Con.

Club meeting 13 October 2013

Alan and Greg used Breton and Strathclyde armies in a Saga game.

Kendall and Philip used two of the more uncommon Napoleonic lists, the 1805 Anglo-Russian Expeditionary Force and the French Army of the Orient. A win to Kendall.

Mike and Steve had a Flames of War game.

Club meeting 29 September 2013

DBMM 25mm - Andrew's Han Chinese defeated Philip's Saite Egyptians. The Greek allied contingent (recently painted by Andrew) was making good progress against the Chinese infantry, but the loss of their general led to their defeat.

Flames of War - Greg and Mike had a Polish v Polish training match. One was a mechanised force, the other had heaps of artillery.

Club meeting 22 September 2013

A very quiet day at the club, with Guardcon on this weekend. Alan and Philip had a couple of Saga games using Vikings and Anglo-Danes. Other than that, it was a day of casual drop-in visitors. There's another meeting next week (a 5th Sunday meeting).

Club meeting 8 September 2013

FOGN - Brett had two games using his 1814 French army, getting a win against Kendall's Prussians in the morning, and a hard-fought draw against Kit's British in the afternoon.

Rob had a WHFB game, and several Saga games with Alan.

Push of Pike 7-8 September 2013

PoP 2013 was won by John Way using his Dutch Rebellion army. Grant Brown was second and also won the Best Army prize for his Polish army.

Club meeting 25 August 2013

DBMM 15mm - Brett's Japanese under the brilliant Yoshitsume defeated Andrew's Hittites also with a brilliant general Muwatallis.

FOG-N. Keith's 1812 French defeated Philip's 1815 Netherlands Corps.
Kendall's Prussians defeated Andrew's Peninsular British.

Three games of Flames of War between Mike H with a Puma army and Mike G, Gervais (Canadians) and Steve (Soviets), and Steve against Rob.

Next meeting the hall will be shared with the 2nd day of Push of Pike (7 & 8 September.)

Club meeting 11 August 2013

Lots of Saga games happening today with an interesting variety of armies, including Rob's new Skraelings and several of Alan's.
Rob (Skraeling) v Alan (Vikings) Rob won
Jon (Normans) v Rob (Skraeling) Jon Won
Alan (Vikings) v Steve (Normans) Alan Won
Rob (Jonviking) v Alan (Bretons) Rob Won

Two more FOG-N games. One had two British armies, Kit's 1815 Brits beating Al's Peninsula army including a newly painted Spanish division.
The other Napoleonic game was the second day of the deciding battle of the 1813 campaign. The allies (Kendall, Michael and Philip) eventually got enough troops on table to hold off the French attack and eventually defeat the Guard cavalry. Napoleon is now driven out of Germany...

Club meeting 28 July 2013

Saga - Alan and Greg had a game with a couple of Alan's new armies - Bretons and Anglo-Danes

DBMM 28mm - Benny (Carolingians) had a DBMM game with Philip (Saite Egyptians). A decisive win to Benny, practicing for Call to Arms next weekend.

FOG-N - Andrew D (Prussian Guards) beat Kit (1815 British)

FOG-N campaign game. Andrew H commanding the French took on Kendall, Mike and Philip with a combined Prussian, Russian and Austrian army. Both armies were still on the field at the end of the day, so the battle will go to a second day which will be played at the next club meeting.

FOGN campaign game

Club meeting 14 July 2013

FOGN - Brett's Austrians defeated Shaun's Bavarians.
Mike's Turks defeated Andrew's Russians.

Club meeting 30 June 2013

Alan and Jon had a Saga game.

FOGN - Kendall's 1815 Prussians beat Brett's 1796 French.

There were several Flames of War games involving Lee, Rob and Steve.

Club meeting 23 June 2013

FoW - Rob (Canadian Armour) versus Lyndon (US Paras) - Lyndon won.
FoW - Gervais played Steve.

FOGN - Another campaign game between Alan (Prussians) and Kit (French). A severe defeat for the Prussians who are now in retreat to Berlin.

Club meeting 9 June 2013

FOG-N campaign game between Andrew and Mike. The Russians and Austrians are lucky to escape defeat by the French under Napoleon!

Club meeting 26 May 2013

Warhammer - Dan and Rob had a game with Skaven (with misbehaving technology) and Chaos.

FOGN - One campaign battle and two friendly games at the club today. Mike's Ottoman Turks defeated Kendall's 1815 Prussians. Andrew's 1813 multinational Corps took on Al's Peninsular British (using his Natcon list). In the campaign game, Kit's French corps under Ney fought well but was ultimately overwhelmed by Philip and Stu's Austrians and Russians.

Steve (Soviets) played Lee (Germans) in Flames of War.

Club meeting 12 May 2013

DBMM 25mm: Al (Spartans and Syracusans) played Philip (Saite Egyptians with Athenian allies). A winning draw to the Spartans who had beaten two Egyptian commands for the loss of one of their own.

Rob and Stu had a couple of games of Saga, using some Warhammer figures until their armies are ready

FOGN: Kendall's Prussians under Blucher took on Kit's French under Ney in the first battle of the 1813 campaign. Neither side were heavily committed, but the French retired after the battle.

Steve played Mike in a Flames of War game.

Club meeting 28 April 2013

FoGN: Kit (British) beat Kendall (Russian) and Alan (Westphalian) beat Brett (Austrian)

FoW: Lee, Rob, Steve and Gervais played a few games.

Club meeting 14 April 2013

Three Napoleonics games at the club today, all finishing with pretty decisive wins. Mike's Turks were used for the first time, getting a 30-10 win over Philip's French Army of the Orient. Al's British also got a 30-10 victory against Brett's Austrians. Shaun's 1812 French with Austrian allies put up a better fight, holding on for a bit longer but ultimately losing 40-20 to Kit's British 1815 army.

Ottoman Turks in a FOGN game

NatCon 2013

The NSWC made up most of the FOG-N competition of 8 players, with Kit and Al picking up 2nd and 3rd place. The French army painted by Andrew for Keith got the Best Painted Army prize.

Mike and Robbie were in the Flames of War late war competition, coming 2nd and 3rd respectivly out of field of 24 competitors. They came back with a good haul of Battlefront roads and rivers amongst their prizes.

Other events at NatCon included Warhammer Fantasy Battle (18 players), 40K (11), Warmachine (22) and 25mm DBMM (10). There were also some Malifaux games, and demos of Dux Bellorum, 25mm modern skirmish, and 25mm Malburians.

French 1812 FOGN army at Natcon 2013

The Best Painted Army in the Napoleonics competition was Keith Marshall's 1812 French, painted by Andrew Hunter. The prize was awarded by the votes of all the players in the competition.

Warhammer 40K terrain at Natcon 2013

The Napoleonics competition was in one of the side rooms at the convention, shared with the 40K players. They had some impressive terrain, and some 40K missions also seemed quite suitable for Napoleonics ("The Emperor's Will!")

Flames of War German armoured train

Flames of War Polish uprising

Two of the most impressive Flames of War armies - the German armoured train, and the Warsaw uprising.

Club meeting 24 March 2013

Just a couple of games at the club today. Alan and Rob had a Warhammer game, using Brettonians and Empire. Both armies and terrain were looking good!
Kit and Philip had a FOG-N game using 1815 British and Netherlands armies. A good win for the Dutch Reserve Corps.

There's going to be a good turnout for the NSWC at the Nationals next week, making up most of the Napoleonics competition and also a couple in FOW.

Club meeting 10 March 2013

FoG-N. Andrew's Italians defeated Brett's new revolutionary French army (or Lee's old army).
FoF-N. Al's peninsular British defeated Philip's 1815 Netherlands army.
FOW. Two WWII games - Kit v Mike, and Rob (Afrika Korps) v Steve (Soviets).
WHFB. Alan's Brettonians took on Dan's Skaven.

FOGN battle between Italians and revolutionary French Warhammer battle at the NSWC

Club meeting 24 February 2013

FoG-AM 15mm. Michael's Koreans defeated Alan's Principate Romans.
DBR 15mm. Gervais (Italian Wars French) beat Philip (Neapolitan Spanish) 9-1
FoG-N. The only Napoleonics at the club today was Kendall's solo practice game using Russians and Prussians, with the occasional intervention of Al, Kit, and other passers by.
Flames of War. Steve and Lee had two games, Soviet Cossacks v German, and then a German v German training game.

BattleCry 16-17 February 2013

There was a good turnout from the club at BattleCry with players involved in Napoleonics, Flames of War, and Moderns. Steve came 2nd in the Flames of war late war competition organised by Kit. Andrew won the Napoleonics competition, and Philip was 3rd.

Club meeting 10 February 2013

Unmistakable signs of an approaching convention - lots of training games on today getting ready for BattleCry next weekend.

Rob had a couple of Flames of War games, against Lyndon and Steve.
There were four Napoleonics games: Al (British) v Kendall (Russians); Alan (Westphalians) v Michael (British); Andrew (Russians) v Brett (Austrians); Benny (French) v Philip (Netherlands).
Dan and Matt had a couple more games of 20mm WWII using the Bolt Action rules.

Club meeting 27 January 2013

It was a particularly quiet day at the club today. Just the one game, with two players and four onlookers. Andrew and Brett were trying out some of the campaign rules for the Napoleonics campaign planned for later this year. Andrew was using an Italian army against Brett's 1814 French. Andrew's flank march came on nice and early, saw off the French counter attack with little effort, and picked up a 30-10 win for almost no losses. Finishing the game with two fresh cavalry units, the Italians would have got a good pursuit in the campaign game.

CanCon 26-27 January 2013

Good luck to our club members over in Canberra for The Worlds. Steve is playing in FOW, and Stu is in the DBR competition.

Club meeting 13 January 2013

Roman camp - DBMM 15mm game Welcome back to the club for the New Year! The club hall was a typically hot summer day, with a good turnout at this meeting.
DBMM 15mm. Steve got a comprehensive victory against Philip (Late Romans vs Mithridatic). Both sides had a cavalry wing with a lot of Kn, who didn't do much to each other. Meanwhile the Roman Bd and Wb did all the hard work to get the victory.
FOG-N. Three games of Napoleonics today.
Andrew D (Russian Guard) played Michael (British Peninsular)
Andrew H (Italians) beat Kit (1815 British) in a 1000 point game. Shortly after the British army broke we remembered the rule about Guards not testing for seeing non-Guards rout.
Keith was trying out his newly painted French army against Brett's Austrians. It did rather well, winning the game for the loss of only 1 point from spent cavalry.

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