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Club meeting 27 December 2020

The club finished the year with a quiet meeting and we played three games. Our first meeting of 2021 is on 10 January and we'll be holding the Kings of Shore KOW tournament then. The club will also be open for regular games for anyone not playing in the tournament.

French Old Guard assaulting a Hanoverian strongpoint. The Guard will take the town and sweep away the supporting Brunswickers.
1809 French v 1814 German Confederation

FOG-N - Andrew (Russian Cavalry Corps) played Mike H (French 1814)
Mike B (1809 French) played Philip (1814 German Confederation)
FOW - Kit (Soviets) played Ben and Stephen (Germans)

An impressive line of Soviet heavy metal, but what's that, StuGs on the flank?
Flames of War soviet heavy armour

Club meeting 13 December 2020

Kings of War game at the NSWC, Auckland NZ

KOW - Alan and Philip had three Kings of War games using 1250 point armies getting in some practice for Kings of Shore.
FOG-N - Brett (Neapolitan 1815) played Kendall (Wurttembergers)
Corbon (Russians) played Mike (Turks)

Club meeting 29 November 2020

Songs of Drums and Shakos - Kendall and Philip played a 15mm Napoleonics skirmish game with Russians and Saxons
FOG-N - Brett (French 1800) played Mike (French 1808)
FOW - Ben (Germans) played Kit (Soviets)

Club meeting 22 November 2020

Flames of War desert battle

FOG-N - Mike (French 1808) played Philip (German Confederation 1814)
Andrew (Russian cavalry corps) played Corbon (early Russian infantry corps)
Flames of War - Kendall (DAK) played Kit (8th Army)
Kings of War - Two games between Brett (Empire of Dust) played Rob (Northern Alliance) with one win each.
Napoleonic Naval - Kendall and Kit finished the day trying out a new Napoleonic naval game.

Napoleonic naval game

And finally, a reminder that we have another meeting next week being the fifth Sunday of the month.

Club meeting 8 November 2020

FOG-N - Mike (Turks) played Rob (Turks), yes a Turkish civil war with a lot of figures on table!
DBMM 25mm - David (Early Imperial Romans) played Philip (Philistines)
Kings of War - Brett (Empire of Dust) played Grant (Kingdoms of Men). Brett's army was a classical Greek themed list, and Grant's army was barbarians with a friendly woolly mammoth.

Kings of War Greeks and Barbarians

Club meeting 25 October 2020

FOGN - Alan (1815 French) played Brett (1799 Austrians)
Mike (Saxons) played Stu (Mameluks)
Franco-Prussian War - Andrew played Bruce in a 15mm Franco-Prussian game.

Heavy Metal Con 24-25 October 2020

Congratulations to Al the Spartan for winning the bronze medal in this 25mm DBMM tournament. Several others of us from the club also attended, but with no medals to show off. Thanks to Ivan and the Pukekohe club for hosting the event.

Club meeting 11 October 2020

A rather quiet meeting today with our Flames of War players away at FlamesCon. We still had four games though:
FOG-N - Al (Peninsular British) played Mike H (French Army of the North 1808)
Brett (Austrians in Germany 1799) played Philip A (French Army of the Orient 1799)
Corbon (Russians) played Mike B (French 1815)
DBA 15mm - David (Anglo-Normans) played Phil B (Greeks)

15mm DBA game at the NSWC

Club meeting 27 September 2020

We had a regular club meeting alongside the second day of POP. There were a couple of Flames of War games between Ben's Germans and Kit's US forces. Al (British 1811) played Shaun (French Corps d'observation 1808) played a FOG-N game.

Push of Pike 26-27 September 2020

Congratulations to Rob for winning our annual renaissance tournament Push of Pike. Mike took second place using Koreans, and the Benny/Brown alliance were third using Persians. Attendance was a little less than we would usually expect, but there were still ten participants over the weekend.

Club meeting 13 September 2020

Today's meeting was held in two sessions to keep within attendance limits.

Morning session:
Kings of War - Alan (Brothermark) played Brett (Empire of Dust)
FOGN 500 - Corbon (Piedmontese) played Shaun (Austrian)
FOGN - Mike H (Spanish 1795) played Philip (French 1795)
Afternoon session:
Irregular Wars - Grant played Rob
FOGN - Andrew played Mike B
FOGN500 - Corbon played Stephen
Flames of War - Ben played Kit

Club meeting 9 August 2020

Flames of War game at the NSWC

Irregular Wars - Grant and Philip had a couple of IW games in 25mm using Japanese and Tudor English armies. Two-nil to the Japanese.
FOGN - Corbon (Piedmontese) played Mike B (French)
Andrew (Russians) played Mike H (Turks)
FOGN 500 - Brett (1792 French) played twice against Shaun (Austrians)
Flames of War - Kit (Romanians) played Ray (DAK)
Ben (Germans) played Kit (Soviets)
Brent (British) played Lee (Soviets)

Call to Arms 8-9 August 2020

Call to Arms is an annual tournament held in Wellington. There were a couple of NSWC players there this year; Rob playing Saga using Vikings, and Al using Tudor English in DBMM. Congratulations to Al in winning the silver medal!

Club meeting 26 July 2020

15mm French army - Field of Glory Napoleonic
Mike's newly painted French army of Blue Moon and AB figures

Kings of War - Alan (Brothermark) played Philip (Nightstalkers)
Brett (Empire of Dust) played Philip (Nightstalkers)
Vanguard - Greg (Northmen) played Simon (Elves)
Saga - Alan (Anglo-Danes) played Rob (Vikings)
FOGN - Andrew (Wallmoden's Corps) played Grant (French 1813)
Mike B (French) played Mike H (Saxons)
Brett (Austrians) played Corbon (Piedmontese)
Al (British) played Shaun (Austrians)

Club meeting 12 July 2020

Kings of War game at the North Shore Wargames Club

Kings of War - Brett's new skeleton Greeks (Empire of Dust) played a couple of games against Alan (Brothermark) and Kit (Orcs).
Irregular Wars - We had several renaissance games using the second edition of Irregular Wars: Conflict at the World's End.
FOGN - Andrew (French 1815) played Kendall (Prussian Guard 1815)
Corbon (Piedmontese) played Mike (Saxons)
Al (British) played Mike (Saxons)
Crossfire - Bruce played Phil (Allies v Japanese)

Club meeting 28 June 2020

DBMM 25mm - Benny (Welsh) played Rob (Portuguese)
FOGN - Andrew (Russian Cavalry 1812) played Corbon (Piedmontese)
Brett (Austrians) played Mike (Saxons)
Blood & Sand - Bruce and Philip had a 15mm colonials game between 1882 Egyptians and Mahdists using a new set of rules from Real Time Wargames.
FOW - Ben (German) played Kit (Soviets)
Songs of Blades and Heroes - Alan played Kendall in a 25mm skirmish game.
And after all that we sat around deflashing new figures and dreaming up big plans about our new armies.

Club meeting 14 June 2020

Flames of War game at the North Shore Wargames Club
HOTT - Alan and Rob played some Hordes of the Things.
FOW - Lee played Ray
FOW - Rob and Brent played in the desert scenario pictured here featuring the train and fort.
Crossfire - Bruce and Phil played a 20mm WWII game using Australians and Japanese.
FOGN - Brett organised a multiplayer refight of Hohenlinden (1800). On the winning Austrian side were Andrew, Corbon, Mike and Stu, and the defeated the French commanders were Kendall, Kit and Philip.

Club meeting 31 May 2020

Here are the games from today:
FOGN - Kit (1812-1814 British) played Alastair (1812-1814 British) in a mutual break.
Song of Drums & Shakos - Kendall (British) played Rob (Spanish guerillas)
Crossfire - Philip (NZ) played Bruce (German)
Kings of War - Rob (Northern Alliance) played Alan (Order of the Brothermark)
Kendall (League of Rhordia) played Brett (Kingdoms of Men)

Club meeting 24 May 2020

The club resumed our normal meeting schedule today. It was good to see everyone back with some newly painted troops and terrain to show off. And the bakery is open!

Kings of War, Brotherhood v Brotherhood

Kings of War - Alan (Brotherhood Order of the Brothermark) played Kendall (Brotherhood of the Green Lady) in a game featuring some new terrain from Monster Fight Club.
DBMM 240 25mm - Philip (Philistines) played Rob (Portuguese)
FOGN - Andrew (Austrian) played Corbon (French)
Al (Peninsular British) played Grant (French)
FOGN 500 - Kit (Peninsular British) played Shaun (French)
Flames of War Kit (8th Army) played Lee (Soviets)
Ben (German) played Lee (U.S.)
Crossfire - Bruce and Phil had several games. Some new and improved terrain (below) also appeared on this table.

Crossfire WWII game at the NSWC

Club meetings were temporarily suspended during the the COVID-19 Level 3 and 4 alerts. Regular meetings will resume under level 2.

Club meeting 22 March 2020

DBA 25mm

Games at today's meeting:
Kings of War - Rob (Northern Alliance) played Philip (Nightstalkers)
DBA 25mm - Grant (Burgundians) played Kendall (Hussites)
FOGN - Andrew (Austrians) played Mike (French)
Brett (French guards) played Corbon (Peninsular French 1808)
FOGN 500 - Grant (French) played Kendall (Württemberg)
Flames of War - Kit (Romanians) played Ray (Soviets)

Annual General Meeting 8 March 2020

At the AGM we re-elected the committee, Philip - President, Kit - Treasurer, and Stu - Secretary. Fees are $50 for this year, or $5 a meeting for casual visitors.

As well as the AGM, or perhaps because of it, there was a really good turnout for gaming.
Saga - Alan and Rob had a game of Saga, the first we have had at the club for a while.
FOGN - Corbon (French Corps d'Observation 1808) played Paul (British in Portugal 1808)
Andrew (Russian cavalry corps) played Brett (French 1813)
Mike (Saxons 1812) played Philip (French Army of the Orient 1798)
Al (Peninsular British) played Stu (Saxons)
Sharp Practice John (Turks) played Rob (Spanish guerillas)
Flames of War - John (Soviets) played Kit (Germans)
Ben (Germans) played Kit (US)

Club meeting 23 February 2020

Kings of War - There were a couple of games of KOW at the club today, Kendall (Empire of Dust) played Regan (Kingdoms of Men, and Alan (Basileans) played Rob (Free Dwarves). We also had a couple of Vanguard games between Greg and Simon, and Alan and Rob.
FOGN - Al (Peninsular British) played Andrew (Russian guards).
Corbon (French 1813) played Mike (Saxons)
In FOGN 500, Grant (French) played Paul using Mike's old British army now under new management. Kit (Peninsular British) played Philip (French Army of the Orient), a game notable for the table collapsing under us before we restarted the game. Kids, don't use the plastic trestle table.

Club meeting 9 February 2020

Flames of War - Lee (Germans) played Brent (British), and then in a second game Lee using a US force played Ben with Germans.
Flames of War game at the North Shore Wargames Club

FOGN - Alan (Westphalians) played Corbon (French cavalry corps)
Al (Peninsular British) played Philip (French Army of the Orient)
As well as the regular 800 point games, we had several 500 point games. These are a good introduction for new players, and also gave us some practice for the tournament happening at the AWC next month.
Brett (Austrians) played Paul (French)
Corbon (U.S.) played Paul (French)
Kendall (Württemberg) played Mike (French 1814)
Grant (French) played Kit (Peninsular British)
FOGN cavalry clash
A great mass of French and Westphalian cavalry about to clash.

Club meeting 26 January 2020

A somewhat quieter meeting today - There was a FOGN game between Andrew and Corbon, and a Kings of War game between Alan and Rob.

Club meeting 12 January 2020

A good start to the year with seven games being played. There was a fair bit of FOGN with several of us getting in last minute practice before Cancon.
Kings of War - Alan (Basileans) played Regan (Elves)
Alan (Basileans) played Kendall (Empire of Dust)
FOG Napoleonics - Grant (Peninsular French) played Philip (French 1794)
Andrew (Russians) played Mike (French 1814)
Al (Peninsular British) played Corbon (US 1812)
Brett (Neapolitans) played Rob (Ottoman Turks)

DBA - Grant (Midianites) played Philip (New Kingdom Egyptians)

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