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11 December 2016 - Christmas Kings tournament

Our last meeting of the year was devoted to a KOW tournament. Kit won first place with Orcs in a field of 8 players.
Tournament details: 1250 points, 4 rounds of 1.5 hours

Club meeting 27 November 2016

Club meeting 13 November 2016

A couple of FOG-N games playtesting the new rules: Andrew (Russian Guards) played Kendall (Mixed Nationalities)
Brett (French Guard 1815) played Mike (Peninsular British)

Flames of War. Ben (Germans) played Steve (Soviets). In a second game, Ben's Germans played Kit's US Bastogne army in the cauldron.

Kings of War. Getting ready for the Christmas tournament, we had some 1250 point games: Philip (Forces of Nature) played Rob (Forces of Nature)
Philip (Forces of Nature) played Steve (Varangur)
Kendall (Brotherhood) played Rob (Forces of Nature)

Club meeting 30 October 2016

L'Art de la Guerre - Alan (Romans) played Brett (Japanese)

Flames of War - John (Germans) played Rob (British) in a 3000 point game.

Kings of War - Brett (Kingdoms of Men) played Kendall (Forces of Nature)
We also discussed running a one-day KOW tournament in the first meeting of December. More details to come.

Club meeting 23 October 2016

A couple of games for people not at competitions yesterday.
FOG-N: Brett (French) played Stuart (Russian) with another playtest of some potential rule changes.
15mm Medieval: Alan (Castillian) played Kendall (100YW English) using Kings of War Historical and then L'Art de la Guerre. Verdicts - KoWH is fun but not particularly serious although if both players make a more historical army then it's a nice, quick set of rules. LADG is a bit like a mashup of all the best parts of FoG and DBx, size is comparable to DBMM240. Quick and enjoyable game and can see why it's picking up traction in Europe.

Club meeting 9 October 2016

DBMM - Al (Tudor English) played Philip (Saite Egyptian) - a practice game for Heavy Metal Con coming up in a couple of weeks.

FOG-N - Andrew (British) played Brett (French)

Kings of War - Alan (Undead) played Kendall (Nature)

Flames of War - Rob (Poles) played Steve (Germans)
Rob (Poles) played Ray (Germans)
Kit (US) played Ben (Germans)
Steve (Germans) played Ben (Germans)

Club meeting 25 September 2016

DBR 15mm Mark (Swiss) played Grant (Imperialists)
FOG-N Andrew (British 1815) played Philip (German Confederation 1814) playtesting some new rules. Andrew got the win using an outflank.
Kit (British 1815) played Stu (Saxons 1809)
Kings of War We had four KOW games today - Rob visiting from SAMWC had a couple of games with his Abyssals against Rob's Herd and Alan's goblins. Brett's Elves took on Rob's Herd and Alan's goblins.

Field of Glory Napoleonics game at the North Shore Wargames Club

Kings of War game at the North Shore Wargames Club

DBR game at the North Shore Wargames Club

Club meeting 11 September 2016

As well as the second day of POP, there was one other game at the club today. Brett and Andrew did some FOGN playtesting, using Austrians and an 1813 multi-national corps.

Push of Pike 10-11 September 2016

There are 12 players at Push of Pike. This year's tournament features European armies 1618 to 1665.
1st place - Philip Abela (Parliamentarians)
2nd place - Mike Haycock (Scots Covenanters)
3rd place - John Way (Parliamentarians)
Brian won the prize for Best Army with the Scots Covenanters.

Push of Pike 2016 at the North Shore Wargames Club

Club meeting 28 August 2016

Another good turnout with quite a variety of games being played - Tanks, Halo Spacefleets, Kings of War, Flames of War, FOG Napoleonics, and DBR (a practice game for Push of Pike next meeting).

Kings of Shore 14 August 2016

Today's club meeting was devoted to our Kings of War tournament, which was also the club tournament. Brett took first place in both competitions.
Players pack.

Club meeting 31 July 2016

Flames of War. We had three WWII games today - Lee and John, Lee and Rob, and Kit and Steve.

FOG-N. Brett's Austrians and Russians beat Philip's Anglo-Dutch.

Kings of War. Mike had a couple of practice games with his new Abyssal army, against Rob and Alan.

Club meeting 24 July 2016

FOG-N - Brett (Austrians) played Philip (Netherlands 1815)
Kings of War - Alan (Undead) v Rob (Varangur)
Alan (Undead) v Mike (Abyssals)
Brett (Elves) v Philip (Kingdoms of Men)
Kit (Orcs) v Rob (Varangur)
Gervais (Empire of Dust) v Steve (Varangur)

Panzerschreck 17 July 2016

Club meeting 10 July 2016

Panzerschreck is coming up next weekend, and in preparation for that, John, Ray, Rob and Steve had a couple of practice games.

Also next weekend is the Melbourne FOG-Napoleonics tournament. Andrew and Brett gave the Eylau scenario a test run. Brent (1813 Prussians) beat Philip (1815 British) in a standard game (non-scenario).

Kings of War - Alan (Goblins) played Philip (Kingdoms of Men).

Club meeting 26 June 2016

Another bustling day at the club today with heaps of games happening!

Al and Kit continued their WWII game from the previous meeting, carrying on from where they left off last time.

In FOG-N, Andrew's Mixed nationality corps beat Philip's British in the Eylau scenario.

There were four Flames of War games between John (British), Lee (Germans), Ray (Germans) and Steve (Russians).

Even more Kings of War games - Grant (Dwarves) v (Elves), Rob (Dwarves) v Alan (Goblins), Brett (Elves) v Kendall (Ogres), Alan (Goblins) v Philip (Kingdoms of Men), Brett (Elves) v Steve (Varangur), and Rob (Dwarves) v Kendall (Ogres).

Club meeting 12 June 2016

15mm WRG WWII game at the North Shore Wargames Club

We had some interesting games at the club today. Steve's most recent acquistion, a Chaos army bought at NICon, had its first game (and a successful one too!). Al and Kit had a 15mm WWII game using a modified set of WRG WWII rules. There was some pretty impressive terrain on display too.
There were also a couple of Flames of War games - Ray's Brits taking on Steve's Germans, and John's German armour attacking Rob's Polish Home Army.
Several more Kings of War games too:
Kendall (Brotherhood) played Philip (Kingdoms of Men)
Philip (Kingdoms of Men) played Steve (Varangur)
Kendall (Brotherhood) played Rob (Brotherhood). That doesn't sound very brotherly, does it?

NICon 4-5 June 2016

This year's North Island convention was in Hamilton. Rob and Mike played in the Flames of War competition, winning First and Third places. In FOG Napoleonics, our club had 7 out of the 10 players and took out the top three places - Kit 1st, Brett 2nd and Andrew 3rd.

Field of Glory Napoleonics game at NICon 2016. French attacking Tyrolean rebels.The French army attacks the Tyrolean rebels defending their hills.

Next year's NICon will be held in Auckland.

Club meeting 29 May 2016

Flames of War game at the North Shore Wargames Club

With NICon coming up next week, we had a few practice games. And several more Kings of War games as well.

FOG-N. Steve (French) played Mike (British)
Kendall (Mixed Nationality Corps 1813) played Philip (German Confederation 1814)

Flames of War. Steve and Andrew had a late war game, Germans v Germans.

Kings of War. Alan (Forces of Nature) played Rob (Dwarves) in two games.
Kit (Orcs) played Brett (Elves)
Kit (Orcs played Alan (Forces of Nature)
Rob (Dwarves) played Philip (Kingdoms of Men)

Club meeting 22 May 2016

North Shore Wargames Club meeting May 2016

A really excellent turnout at the club today! There were 8 table set up and around 16 games played. Partially complete scouting report:
There waa another Halo spacefleets game. Or were there two games?
Kings of War: Kit (Orcs) played Philip (Kingdoms of Men)
Brett (Elves) played Kendall (Brotherhood)
Kendall (Brotherhood) played Alan (Undead) Brett (Elves) played Philip (Kingdoms of Men)
Irregular Warfare - 16th Century colonial wargame. Grant and John had a couple of games with Conquistadors and Aztecs.
Field of Glory Napoleonics: Andrew (British) played Mike (French)
Steve (French) played Brett (Tyrolean)
Flames of War: Rob (Polish Home Army) vs Ray (German SS Panzer Kompanie). 4-3 win to Ray.
Rob (British Infantry Company) vs John (German Panzer Kompanie). 5-2 win to Rob.
Lee (German) vs Andrew (German)

Club meeting 8 May 2016

FOG-N. Mike (Turks) played Kendall (Multi-national corps)
Andrew (Russians) played Kit (British)

Kings of War. David from Mighty Ape visited us to play a couple of Kings of War games. His Ogre army beat Philip (Kingdoms of Men) and then Rob (Abyssal Dwarves). In other games, Rob played Brett (Elves) and Brett played Philip.

A couple of new players came to the club today playing Halo Fleet Battles.

Club meeting 24 March 2016

Club meeting 10 April 2016

One FOGN game today, Andrew (1813 Russians) v Kendall (1815 Prussians). There were also a couple of Kings of War games - Kit's Orcs v Brett's Elves, and Rob's Forces of Nature v Philip's Kingdoms of Men.

Napoleonics tournament 25-27 March 2016

No club meeting this weekend, but instead we had a FOG-Napoleonics tournament. Kit took 1st place.

Club meeting 13 March 2016

Lots of Kings of War at the club today. Alan (Undead) played Brett (Elves). Brett (Elves) played Rob (The Herd). Philip (Kingdoms of Men) played Rob (The Herd). Kit (Orcs) played Philip (Kingdoms of Men).

FOG-N. Kendall (Anglo-Russians) played Mike (1813 French).

Club meeting 28 February 2016

Kings of War. Alan (Undead) beat Rob (The Herd), and then Alan beat Philip (Forces of Nature).

DBMM 15mm. Steve's Late Romans beat Philip's Mithridatics in a 500 point game.

Blucher. Brett (Austrians) played Kendall (Prussians), but the game was abandoned as being boring.

FOG-N. Mike H (British) beat Mike G (French).
Kit (British) beat Al (Anglo-Portuguese)

Battlecry 20-21 February 2016

Our club got a good haul of trophies at Battlecry, taking out all the places in Napoleonics (because we made up all of the competition), 2nd and 3rd in Kings of War, and 3rd in Flames of War.

Club meeting 14 February 2016

With Battlecry coming up, there were several FOG-N training games.
Kendall's 1815 Prussians beat Brett's 1795 French in the Quatre Bras scenario.
Mike's 1814 French beat Philip's 1815 British at Teugen-Hausen.
Andrew's Prussians beat Stu's Russians as Friedland.
In a standard non-scenario game, Al's Anglo-Spanish played Brent's Prussians.
In Flames of War, Steve (Russians) got a 5-2 victory over Rob (Germans)
Kings of War - Alan (Undead) played Rob (Varangur)

Undead vs Varangur in a Kings of War battle

Club meeting 31 January 2016

Brett (1796 French) and Stu (1813 Russian Grenadier) played Hanau scenario
Mike (1814 French) and Andy D (Prussians) played Dürnstein scenario
Kings of War
Alan (Undead) and Rob (Varangur) played two games practising for Battlecry
Kit and Steve played Flames of War

AGM - the Council is Steve (Pres), Kendall (Sec) and Kit (Treas). Fees set at $60.

Club meeting 24 January 2016

Kings of War - Philip (Forces of Nature) beat Alan (Brotherhood) in the Dominate scenario. Rob (The Herd) then beat Philip (Nature) with a remarkable 2000 to nil score.
Field of Glory Napoleonics - Brett (1795 French) and Mike (1813 French) played the Teugen-Hausen scenario twice, each taking a turn as attacker and defender.
There were three Flames of War games, early war to get some Battlecry practice. Lee (Finns) beat Steve (French). Kit (Germans) beat Lee (Finns). Steve (French) beat Kit (Germans).
Rob and Scott had a Bolt Action game, both using British armies.

Club meeting 10 January 2016

Kings of War - Rob and Alan had a couple of quick KOW games.
Field of Glory Napoleonics - Brett and Kit played a scenario game, trying our some new things for Battlecry.
There was a multi-player game between Al and Philip (1815 Anglo-Netherlands) and Kendall and Lawrence (1812 Russians), with 2000 points a side.
Flames of War - Steve (Soviet hero tankovy) played Gervais (Hungarians)
Steve (Red banner strelkovy) played Rob (SAS)

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