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Club meeting 30 December 2018

Flames of War. Greg played Simon
Napoleonics. Mike (Turks) played Rob (Poles)
Andrew (Russians) played Brett (Neapolitans)
Philip (British) played Stu (Mamlukes)
Vanguard - Continuing their tradition of introducing new games to the club, Alan and Kendall played a couple of Kings of War vanguard games.

Club meeting 23 December 2018

Flames of War. Ben played Kit in an Ardennes scenario, with some nicely made winter terrain. Greg, Jim and Simon played a couple of games (welcome to the club, Jim!)
Napoleonics. Rob (Poles) played Philip (British)
Andrew (Russians) played Mike (Turks)
Brett (Neapolitans) played Stu (Mamlukes)
We also saw the first game of Cruel Seas, between Kendall and Rob.

Club meeting 9 December 2018

FOG Napoleonics has taken most of our attention as we get in some practice for CanCon. Today's games:
Andrew (Prussians 1813) played Philip (British 1815)
Brett (Neapolitans) played Mike (Turks)
Rob (Poles) played Stu (Saxons)
Kendall (Russians) played Kit (British)
There were several other games too, Ben and Steve playing Flames of War, and Nico and Philip playing DBA using Sea Peoples and New Kingdom Egyptians.

Club meeting 25 November 2018

Games at today's club meeting:
DBR 15mm. Philip (Knights of St John) played Rob (Ottoman Turks)
Grant (Spanish Imperial) played John (Danes)
KOW. Simon (Elves) played Greg (Orcs)
Simon (Elves) played Steve (Varangur)
FOG-N. Brett (Neapolitans) played Alan (French)
Kit (British and Spanish) played Mike (Turks)

Napoleonic Turks v British, 15mm FOG Napoleonics game
British and Spanish versus Ottoman Turks, FOG Napoleonics.

Club meeting 11 November 2018

Club meeting 28 October 2018

DBMM 25mm Al the Spartan played Grant the Theban.

FOG-N Corbon used a Russian army in two games, first against Kendall with Wallmoden's Corps 1814, and then against Brett's new Neapolitan army.
Philip (British 1815) played Stu (Mamlukes)

Club meeting 14 October 2018

Kings of Shore will be held on the 30th of September. As well as being a Kings of War tournament, this also doubles as the NSWC club competition for the Fantasy Trophy.
1250 Points (Clash of Kings 2018 will be used)
4 x 4 Table
Pre-set terrain
4 Rounds

Push of Pike 2018 22-23 September 2018
This year's POP 15mm DBR competition was held here at the club. First place went to Mark Caunter using a Swiss army who achieved 3 wins and 1 draw. Second was Philip (Algerians) and third was Grant (Spanish Imperial). It has been two years since the last POP, so it was good to see the enthusiasm with several new and returning players. Next year we'll resume having a themed competition using 16th century armies in Europe.

Club meeting 23 September 2018

The second day of POP was also a regular club meeting making it a very busy day. We also had the bring-and-buy tables which seemed popular. Games at today's meeting:
Napoleonics - Andrew (Prussians) played Corbon (Russians)
Flames of War - Kit played Ben
Kings of War - Greg (Orcs) played Simon who was using a Kingdoms of Men army using a 28mm English Civil War army.
Frostgrave - Alan played Rob.

Club meeting 9 September 2018

Flames of War - Rob (British) played Steve (Soviets)

Napoleonics - Shaun (French) played Corbon (Poles 1813)
Kendall (Ridiculous French Guard of 14 ACV) played Andrew (British)
Kendall (French Guard 1809) played Mike (Turks)

DBR - John (Dutch) played Philip (Algerians)

Kings of War - Alan (Brotherhood) played Steve (Varangur)
Simon (Elves) played Greg (Goblins) in two games.

Club meeting 26 August 2018

Flames of War - Ben (Germans) played Steve (Soviets).

FOG Napoleonics
Kendall (Prussians 1815) played Grant (French 1815)
Marcel (Prussians 1815) played Stu (Saxons 1809)
Corban (Peninsular British) played Mike (Spanish 1793)
Andrew (French Guard 1809) played Philip (Anglo-Netherlands 1815)

Kings of War
Steve (Varangur) played Simon (Elves)

Club meeting 12 August 2018

Another busy meeting! Games at the club today:

FOG Napoleonics
Shaun (French 1812) played Stu (Mamlukes)
Mike (Peninsular British) played Marcel (Prussian 1815)
Andrew (Prussians) played Corban (Peninsular British)

Kings of War
Plenty of fantasy games on today - and welcome back to Andrew who has returned to the club.
Andrew (Orcs) v Rob (League of Rhordia)
Alan v Grant (Dwarfs)
Philip (Kingdoms of Men) v Grant (Dwarfs)
Philip (Kingdoms of Men) v Greg (Elves)
Greg (Elves) v Rob (League)

Flames of War
A couple of games of v4 Flames: Steve v Kit, and Lee v John.

Club meeting 29 July 2018

It was good to see some new players at the club today. Turnout has been good at the new venue, with lots of games happening each meeting. This week:

FOG-Napoleonics. Brett (French) played Marcel (Prussians) in his first FOG-N game.
Also playing for the first time, Corbon (Peninsular British) played Philip (French army of the Orient)
Andrew (Prussians) played Shaun (French)
In a second game for both, Shaun then played Philip.
Kendall (Prussians) played Rob (Poles)

Flames of War - Ben (US) played Kit (German)

Big battle DBA - Grant played Nick

Club meeting 22 July 2018

FOG-Napoleonics. Mike (Turks) played Andrew (Prussians). This was a test of the new draft list for the Turks, mostly with irregular troops.

Flames of War - Ben (US) played Kit (German)

Kings of War. Kendall (Empire of Dust) played Steve (Varangur)
Philip (Herd) played Rob (Brotherhood)
Kendall (Empire of Dust) played Philip (Herd)
Rob (Brotherhood) played Steve (Varangur)

Victorian Napoleonic Tournament July 14-15 2018

Congratulations to Kit and Mike for taking 2nd and 3rd place in the Napoleonics tournament hosted by the Melbourne League of Ancients club. There were 7 New Zealanders (mostly from our club) in the 19-strong competition.

Club meeting 8 July 2018

Quite a few Napoleonics games today, getting in some practice for the Melbourne tournament next week:
Kit (Peninsular British) played Philip (British 1815)
Kendall (Württemberg) played Andrew (Austrians)
Brett (French 1800) played Mike (French 1814)
Mike (French 1814) played Philip (British 1815)
Brett (French 1800) played Andrew (British 1815)
Kendall (Württemberg) played Kit (Peninsular British)

Flames of War - Ben (US) played Steve (German)

DBMM 25mm - Ben (Vikings) played Benny (Bretons)

Several other interesting games as well - Alan and Rob played Gaslands (an apocalyptic car wars game), and Greg, Grant and Steve had a couple of Saga games.

Club meeting 24 June 2018

Kings of War. Greg (Goblins) played Philip (Kingdoms of Men)

Saga. We had a couple of Saga games - Alan vs Rob, and Greg vs Steve.

FOG-Napoleonics. Kit (Peninsular British) played Philip (British 1815)
Brett (French 1800) played Andrew (British 1815)
Kendall (Württemberg) played Mike (French 1814)

Club meeting 10 June 2018

Kings of War. Steve (Varangur) played Greg (Orcs)
Greg (Orcs) played Brett (Frogs of the Trident Realms)
Brett (Frogs) played Alan (Goblins)

FOG-Napoleonics. Philip (British 1815) played Andrew (Austrians 1813)
Kit (Peninsular British) played Mike (French 1814)

Flames of War. John played Ray. Kit played John.

Club meeting 27 May 2018

Kings of War. Mike (Abyssal) played Alan (Nature)
Philip (Empire of Dust) played Greg (Orcs)
Alan (Nature) played Greg (Orcs)

FOG-Napoleonics. Brett (Austrians) played Andrew (French). The Austrians did more damage to the French than they suffered, but their smaller army was broken.
Mike (French 1814) played Philip (British 1815). A British infantry flank march defeated the defending French.

Flames of War. Kit (NZ infantry) played John (German Afrika Corps)
Lee (LW Russian tanks with 31 T-34s!) played Ray (LW German Panzers)
Two allied victories in FOW!

Club meeting 13 May 2018

Kings of War. Alan (Brotherhood) played two games with Philip (Empire of Dust), with one win each.

FOG-Napoleonics. Brett (French) played Kit (Peninsular British)

Flames of War. Steve (Germans) played Mike (Italians)

Club meeting 29 April 2018

Kings of War. Alan (Undead) played Steve (Varangur)

FOG-Napoleonics. Andrew (French guard 1809) played Al (Peninsular British)
Philip (Marathas) played Stu (Saxons)
Brett (French 1809) played Mike (Turks)

Flames of War. Ben (Germans) played Kit (U.S.)
Kit (U.S.) played Steve (Germans in Italy)

Club meeting 22 April 2018

The club's A.G.M. was held a little later this year because of the move to the new venue. Fees remain at $60 for the year. In this year's committee Kit is the treasurer, Kendall is the secretary, and Philip is the president. We agreed to run three tournaments - Kings of Shore (KOW), Flames of War, and Push of Pike (DBR).

Kings of War. Alan (Undead) played Rob (Herd)
Rob (Herd) played Philip (Nature)

FOG-Napoleonics. Andrew (British 1815) played Brett (French 1809)
Kendall (Württembergers) played Kit (Peninsular British 1814)
Al (Peninsular British) played Mike (French 1814)

Flames of War. Ben (U.S.) played Steve (Germans)

Club meeting 8 April 2018

Kings of War. Alan had two games using his Goblin army, first against Rob's Dwarfs and then against Steve's Varangur.

FOG-Napoleonics. Andrew (Prussians 1813) played Philip (British 1815). An outflanking Prussian division failed to arrive, but the rest of the army still won the battle.
Kendall (Württembergers) played Brett (French 1812). The Old Guard assaulted a hill defended by Württemberg infantry, but were defeated.

Natcon 31 March-2 April 2018

This year's national convention was hosted by the Hamilton Immortals. Attendance was around 100, and from our club there were 7 of us in the Napoleonics tournament, won by Andrew. Lee played in Flames of War and Rob was in the Bolt Action competition. Everyone who attended got one of the well thought out goodie bags containing dice, a pen and superglue!

Natcon Napoleonic trophies
Prizes for FOG-Napoleonics: 1st Andrew, 2nd Kit, Best army - Kit's British. Other players won prizes of Blue Moon 15mm Napoleonic figures from Game Centre.

Club meeting 25 March 2018

With NatCon coming up over Easter, we had several practice games of FOG Napoleonics:
Andrew (French cavalry corps 1814) played Al (British in France 1814), with a mutual break.
Brett (Austrians 1809) played Mike (French 1814), also a mutual break.
Stu (Mamlukes) played Philip (Netherlands 1815), this time a decisive victory to the Egyptians!
As well as the Napoleonics game, there were also a couple of Flames of War games between Kit and Steve - Russians v Germans.

Club meeting 11 March 2018

Today we had our first meeting at the new hall.
FOG-N. Stu (Russian Guards) played Mike (French 1814)
Andrew (British 1815) played Brett (Tyrolean Revolt)
DBMM 240 25mm - Rob (Medieval Portuguese) played Philip (Libyan Egyptian). The Egyptian navy and hippo mascot looked on while the Portuguese knights ran down the Libyan infantry.
Kings of War - Philip (Nature) played Rob (Kingdoms of Men)
Alan (Nature) played Kit (Dwarves)

DBMM game - Egyptians and Portuguese

FOGN 2nd edition game
The French grand battery and infantry defending a hill contemplate the appearance of a big blue dice ahead of them.

The NSWC has moved to a new venue: Mairangi Bay Scout Hall, 20 Hastings Road, Mairangi Bay.
Thanks to everyone who helped out with the moving. Our normal meeting schedule is now running at the new hall.

Club meeting 25 February 2018 cancelled

The Scout hall that we used isn't now available, so there won't be any club meetings until we move to our new venue. We'll announce the new venue as soon as details are confirmed.

Club meeting 11 February 2018

FOG-N. Philip (Netherlands 1815) played Brett (French 1814). A French outflanking move with 3 off-table divisions was defeated by the Dutch-Belgian frontal assault.
Andrew (Russians 1812) played Mike (French 1814)
Stu (Mamlukes) played Kit (British 1815)

Kings of War - Alan (Basileans) played Rob (Kingdoms of Men)

Club meeting 28 January 2018

FOGN - Andrew (British) vs Kendall (Württemberg)
FOW 4 - Steve (Russian) vs anonymous South African chap (Germans) played two games starring Broken Rudel.

CanCon 26-28 January 2018

Congratulations to Mike for winning first place in FOG-N at CanCon over in Canberra. There were six NZers out of the 12 in the tournament, and Mike's Ottoman Turkish army was the clear winner.

Club meeting 14 January 2018

Alan and Rob had a game of Frostgrave. Otherwise it was all FOG-N at the club today: Brett (Austrians) vs Andrew (British), Philip (British) vs Stu (Mamluke), Al (British) vs Kendall (Württembergers)

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